Budget Integrated Amp: Creek vs Arcam

I am looking for quality sound at super cheap prices.
Currently considering a demo Arcam Alpha1 at $250 or
a used Creek 4330 at $350.

The Arcam I can check out in person, but the Creek I cannot.

Does anyone one have any advice for me?

Thanks, I have been enjoying reading posts here, very
inspiring. Someday I will push my way past mid-fi!

I have the Arcam and it sounds good to me. I have it hooked up to a Jolida 602 tube cd player and Meadowlark Kestril (tube friendly) speakers and Nordost Flat line cable. All in all a good value. Plus it has a pre out if you want to hook it up to another amp. Hope that helps.
Cambridge Audio is also one to consider, I saw some demos on audioadvisor which has a 30 day return policy
Good luck,
The best of the Cambridge Audio recent amps is the used only A3i. Has MM phono. Was designed by Michael Creek, so its a cheaper way to get a Creek. There was one for $250 asking or B.O. on Audioreview.com the other day. Check past couple days or under Amplifiers before they erace them. I have one in my secondary system and its a keeper. It was a steal at the original $529 new price. 60 watts at 8 ohms.