Broken Counterweight stem on Project Perspective T

I had everyone's nightmare buying used equipment and transporting it home only to discover that when I opened the carefully packed box and took out the table, the counterweight stem that holds the counterweight has broken off. I did listen to the table at the person's house before I bought it so its not tjhat i bought something sight unseen.

The TT is a Project Perspective. It has the carbon tonearm and stem for the counterweight. Looking for advise on best way to handle. Does anyone know if this broken stem can be replaced without buying a whole new arm. Any help would be appreciated...

Is it the stem that holds the string with the weight or the heavy counter weight. If it's the string stem, no big deal. I removed the anti-skating set-up anyway. If it's the stem at the end of the arm then you got problems. Call Sumiko in Berkley CA and describe what happened. Sounds like you need a new arm. I hope I'm wrong.
Thanks Dreadhead. It is the stem that holds the counterweight. I tried some super glue and it seems to be holding but, I plan on calling Sumiko on Monday...