Bring my own preamp to an amp demo?

I'm going tomorrow to demo a Bryston 4B3. I have a PrimaLuna Evo 300 preamp and Harbeth 30.2 XD speakers. The dealer suggested that I use a similarly priced preamp that he sells, but if I want to hear the amp with my specific preamp and the speakers I own (which he sells, and I bought from him) I need to drop it off when he opens and come back later because he has other appointments booked and needs time to connect my PL preamp, and maybe (I'm guessing) get it warmed up. I'm also going to listen to a BAT VK-56SE, and he suggested I keep an open mind and listen to an Einstein Integrated amp and thinking about selling my PL Evo 300 preamp. He wants me to have an open mind, and said he has a lot of customers that like and bought the Einstein with Harbeths. He also has an Audio Note amp demo for me to listen to as well. He's not a fan of PL, but is happy to work with me.
Bring my preamp or not?

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I just found Audio Connection on the web, they are, according to Google maps, 1 minute farther away than the dealer in NYC. Has he let you take home demo units?
I'm not in the market for a preamp.
On my way to Audio Connection to get a demo!
New amp will mean new speaker cables and interconnects between the amp and prreamp, power cord, more helping for the economy.
I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks for the input, keep the comments coming. Audio Advisor will take the return like you said, but if I did return the amp it will cost a couple of hundred dollars to do so. Yup, I know, it's the cost of making a decision I will live with for a long time.
Problem is that he’s over an hour away in NYC, And because of my eye sight I can’t just jump in a car and return something- I can't drive anymore, I'm pushing my wife to take me to the city tomorrow. I don’t want to do it, but if I he won’t let me demo it at home I’ll have to be dastardly and buy it online from Audio Advisor or Music Direct if I like what I hear in the showroom. I really don’t like doing that to a dealer, but I’ll try to get him to put a hold on one of my cards so that I can do as you suggest and try it at home. HR from S-phile wrote that my preamp is very close to the Rogue RP-7 preamp, which he sells. He wasn’t crazy about the idea of having me bring my preamp because he has to move equipment and re-route cables, so there is no way he’ll say okay to me bringing in my cables.
I can't do a weekend loan, my traveling situation demands a week. I see he has a 30 day return policy.
I heard from the dealer I was going to in NYC. He doesn’t offer demos. Purchase, 30 days, store credit. I’m calling Audio Connection in an hour. My only concern with Audio Connection is that he will take a Bryston return within 30 days. I’ll find out soon enough. I wish there was a Pass Labs dealer somewhere near, I’d love to hear/try a X250.8 amp. I'd have to order from Overture AV in DE and take my wife away for the weekend if I had to return it. They do have nice gardens in Wilmington, so she might like that. Seriously, I just want a great amp I never feel the need to return.
I’m thoroughly enjoying the Bryston John was good enough to lend me. It’s been powered up since Sunday, and I’ve been playing vinyl, CDs, and my TV through it 24/7 and have been enjoy the sonic improvements along the way. Overnight I put on a CD and put the player on repeat. John is a great guy. I highly recommend him.