Brief review Integra DHC 40,1 pre/pro

Oct 29, 2009
Fellow Audiogoners:
I received my new Integra DHC 40.1 in the past week and set it up recently. I have previous experience with the Onkyo PR SC 885p and NuForce AVP 17 and Outlaw 990 all of which are excellent pre/pros. I use this prepro both for music and theater with a 200w/channel hi quality amp and high quality speakers in all 5.1 positions. My prelim impression is that it is an excellent unit. It is much lighter than i expected and much lighter than the Onkyo 885P or DTC 9.8 is. ? if this reflects the power supply but it still sounds very good. Quite easy to set up. I did so without having to resort to the manual but I had some experience from the Onkyo 885 in the past. Setup is easier than the Onkyo PR SC 885p or Integra DTC 9.8 as many options are explained with a caption at the bottom of the set up screen so some semi-obtuse or unclear terms are no longer obtuse to the operator. Sound so far is EXCELLENT. I appreciate that one can program a preferred default sound decoding option for each source (DVD, CD, phone etc. ) Programming the remote to control other items is quite easy and done through a graphic interface rather than using the manual and having to look up codes in a book as with most machines.

Some minor limitation are the lack of 7.1 analog inputs (need to use HDMI for all multichannel sound input,) and the lack of 9.1 preamp outputs. One has only 7.2 outputs so one has to decide between either rear center speakers OR front height speakers but not both w this preamp. The Integra DHC 80.1 model remedies these deficiencies and also adds xlr outputs but at about twice the price of the Integra DHC 40.1. The 40.1 does have a phono input. This is a very high value item at $1200 list price. Some discount is possible. I may post more as I explore the capabilities further.

For now I give this item a 4.5/5 star rating price independent and 5/5 if price dependent. I am surprised by the lack of reviews on line so far as the item is available from Integra dealers and is much more readily available than the Integra DTC 9.8 was two or so years ago.
How about setting up the Ethernet connection? How is the internet streaming? Was it easy to setup the Media Server streaming?
Way out of date but...

The 40.1 is easy to set up Internet. Just plug an Ethernet cable into it and into a router. The DHC is defaulted to DHCP so it will aquire an IP address and you are good to go. You can access the DHC from a browse by putting in the IP address. From there you can enter you account info for Pandora...etc and set up iRadio stations.

If you have other PCs on the network, particularly if they are Win7, the DHC will show up as a device on the PC and the DHC will see these as music servers.