Breaking Bang&Olufsen Beogram RX2

....I inherited it :)

Anyway, for the last year or so, the motor has been making increasingly loud clicking noises. Today it just got a lot worse, and i think it's going to die soon. Anyone heard of this or know how to fix it?
Thanks in advance, here are some pictures:
close up of needle
record player
I checked the Audio Blue Book and it states that your turntable is from 1987....could be newer though. The issue with B@O turntables is their cartridge. You need to get theirs because nothing else will fit.

It seems to be that at least you can get a needle replacement, but the motor issue, is something that will cost you a little more.

The entire question about getting this turntable running is what it means to you. If it is to get into analogue or records for the least amount of money, then, there are plenty of option out there. But, if it is to remember that person who left you the turntable, then, it might be worth the cost of getting it repaired. After all, B&O systems, when well maintained, cannot be beat in the looks department. Sonically, some people question the merits of B&O...but they are excellent for the space and the decent sound they produce.

Go check their site today. I have plenty to equipment that will beat their things sonically, but all together, their gear make a visual statement that will make for many, more of a statement than sonics alone. Some decent sounding equipment is simply, BUTT ugly.

RX-2s regularly sell on ebay for not much money, especially if the cartridge is bad. If your cartridge is good you could get a mechanically sound turntable and swap your cartridge to it. Or you couldd swap the motor if that is what is making the clicking noise. Good luck.
Unless you have a strong emotional attachment to the RX2, it's probably time for an upgrade. The RX2/MM(fill in 1,2,3,4, or,5) will never give you what is available today at a modest price IMO.
I'm really looking for a turntable that is automatic and doesn't skip (The RX2 had those features). Any recommendations?

Thanks again!
You seem more concerned with convenience than performance. Look for an older Dual or another B&O. Good luck.