Bow Wizzard vs Naim CD5, Linn, RA, FMJ

Getting impatient with lack of ultimate success of cable swaps' inability to clean up top octaves of my old CDP; expriments with Bel Canto DAC (too "white") and ARCAM 9 (lacks PRAT) disappointing. My original heavy-transport Rotel 855, well-isolated, still sounds surprisingly good, with outstanding PRAT, but occasionally lean and rough-hewned up top.
Suggestions re the above-mentioned CDPs? My expectation biases include lack of resolution with the Linn, lack of drive with the CD50, and maybe a too-lean presentation from the Wizzard. The Bow and the Naim would be hard to demo, but these two seem most attractive to me.
Suggestions and comments most welcome.
System comprises V.A. Parsifal Encores vis Aleph 2s and P, strung by Red Dawn and HT Pro-Silway MkII (sounds same as RD!). Thanks! Ernie
I think you will get a better response if you post this in the "Digital" section. If you ask Audiogon real nice perhaps they can move it for you. Good Luck, Doug
My ID suggests that I am biased. That said, if PRaT (pace, rhythm, and timing) are important to you, Naim is your best bet. However, I would suggest adding a flat-cap (powersupply) to the CD5 for best sound, well worth the added $. Nothing (NOTHING) I have heard to date reproduces an "event" like a Naim. Everything else to me sounds boring and slow and I become dissinterested after a few minutes.
BTW, as a follow up to the above, I find it very difficult to hear any differences between a CD 3.5 and a CD5. You might consider a "pre-owned" 3.5 and Flat-cap. All the sound at half the price if you ask me.