Boulder 1060 vs. Goldmund 28.4 for Eidolons

So, based on inputs from Audiogon, I have narrowed my choices to these for now. the question is will 28.4 have enough juice to drive eidolon. Also, since I cannot yet find used boulder on the net, the price difference is quite significant. Any advice would be welcome.

I would take Goldmund 28.4 they are my favorite amps. Also many folks will say that 29 is better. I wholeheartedly disagree. Perfect companion for 28.4 is 27+ you must use GOLDMUND pre otherwise you will never hear how GOLDMUND sounds. They will be perfect for you Avalons make sure that you use own Goldmund-lineal , Siltech or PAD wires. Anything less would be uncivilized.

I for one believe that GOLDMUND is much better than Boulder product.

goldmund is much better than boulder?

i doubt that anything is "much better" than boulder. i've heard their $35k might find "different" but you won't find "better." let's be a little realistic.
Well... I don't know about Boulder but Goldmund's new gear isn't the most reliable. Don't get me wrong, the Goldmund stuff sounds incredible... but after 3 trips back to Switzerland to be fixed... you can guess what happened... Furthermore, buying Goldmund without dealer support is a very bad idea.
I share the same veiw with Slartibartfast about the reliability of Goldmund. Although I am not an owner of Goldmund yet, I have seen user of No29 spending quite sometime even to power it on. It is quite sensitive (or complex) inside the amp detecting signals from other components before turning itself on/off.

I have listened to Boulder 1060 and it is really an excellent piece of equipment which would control most huge speakers, including Eidolons. It is resourceful and elegant in driving the speakers.

Have you listened to the Millenium version of Goldmund 29? I heard that there are quite a lot of improvements there.

Good luck.