"Boss" Forsberg,Blackmark productions owner passed away.

On September 14th, Stig Börje “Boss” Forsberg, father to Quorthon (of Bathory fame) and label owner of Black Mark Productions, passed away from an unspecified but long-standing illness. While the announcement of Forsberg’s death is two weeks belated, we would like to extend our deepest and most metallic condolences to the Forsberg family. May Forsberg, better known as “Boss” (or Boss), find his son Quorthon (aka Tomas Börje Forsberg) waiting proudly at the Glasir before the mighty halls of Valhalla.

 Just found out, haven't been on the inter web in a long time anyway.
sad news.
 He passed away 13 years afterr the death of his son Thomas Forsberg (of Bathory fame)

 sad news indeed. Website is down, no contact as far as i can find anywhere, to send condolences to the family.
 if anyone has the mailing address, please post for sending condolences.
postal address is better.

RIP- "Boss"  

Valhalla is yours!