Bookshelf speakers and amp recommendations

I currently just have these:,en hooked up to my computer playing my FLAC music (sounds pretty good but it's about time for more). I'm looking to start building my first audiophile system and would like some recommendations on speakers. The room I will be living in will be pretty small (small bedroom) so I'm assuming they will need to be bookshelves.

I'm looking to pick up some speakers that sound better than the ones I currently have for a reasonable price. Now I'm not sure if anybody has heard the logitech speakers before but I am actually VERY impressed with the quality of sound they put out.

I eventually want to get a nice turntable but for right now I want to just play these suckers out of my computer or dvd player.

Just looking for some reasonably priced bookshelf speakers and amps that would sound good together.

Any input would be very helpful as I have no idea what I'm doing!

weeellll whats your budget, any idea what kind of sound your going for, only sources turntable and computer? What kind of music?
Need a budget? You can get some great components used on the Gon.

And need to know what you really follow when listening to music? Bass. Percussion and drums. Vocals. Instrumental.
What's really important to you when you listen to music experience?
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I fully agree with Bob,

The NHT M-00 and S-00 can be found for $749 - great bargain and will compete with most hi-fi's.
I agree that a pair of good active monitors can be a great economical solution. I'm currently using a pair of Quad 12L actives in one of my systems and they are very good. They don't need a sub (in my system, for my preferences) and they don't sound overly bright like some studio monitors I've heard.


I don't have much of a budget, however I would like to keep it as low as possible as I am just starting out. For starters right now i'll just be playing the music off of my laptop, but am going to get a player soon, and then hopefully a turntable.

As far as sound I'm not really sure. I like vocals and instrumental, and I also Don't like too much bass.

Thanks for the input so far!

There was some buzz about these $48.00 speakers at Best Buy called Insignia. Do a search and check out what people were saying.
AudioEngine are really nice active speakers (so they are simple to run off the laptop) at amazing prices. I have the A2 and my Quad 2805s are of course a lot better, but they should be at 40 times the price.

Pick the A2 ($199) or A5 ($349) depending on your budget and space, I think you will be happy with either. Such small speakers do of course have limited bass, but you should be OK with that.

The finish is also really nice, the kind of speaker that a spouse would be OK with.
Do you think they will sound better than what I currently have? I was thinking more along the lines of passive just so then that way I can hook them up later to a player or turntable. I'd like to get something a little nicer, maybe between $500 and $1000.
For that kind of money there are many choices. Check the forums or start a new thread. "Best bookshelf monitor under $1000 new or used." Remember you will need amplification like a small integrated with phono stage if you are planning on vinyl. There will be more choices without phono stage. A Phono stage could be added later. Consider this with your budget.