Bogen CHA 75 amp.

Found this in the trash @ work.

Anyone know anything about this 75W PA amp?

Physically it looks in very good condition. If anyone has heard it, or any of the other CHA amps, I'd really appreciate it if they'd let me know what they thought. Is it musical? Since it is only a single channel, I thought that it might be useful as a HT sub amp, even though I know that this probably isn't the best application for this amp... but since I only have the one ... & it was free...

If the consensus is that the amp sounds musical I'll get a variac & start increasing the voltage until 120VAC is reached. Hopefully no caps or other components fail!

Once full voltage is reached I'll put some music through it for evaluation of the sound. If there is any potential I'll start with upgrading the passive components.

Thinking of mating it with my Spica TC-50s as a secondary 2.1 HT system. Don't know what I'll use for the sub. I have a DAYTON 10" 100 WATT POWERED SUBWOOFER that I might modify, if it’s worth the trouble. Maybe I'll put together a 2.1 system for my computer.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Henry Kuczynski
Bogen is a PA amp, and not a real good one (good being, say, a Crown)... not a high fidelity music reproducing amp... Since I've owned 2 sets of Spica TC-50's this amp sounds like a terrible match for the Spicas.. This kind of pa amp is good for speech amplification in a church hall with overhead 8" full range speakers or something similiar.

Thanks for your input! These were my thoughts exactly. Poor match for the TC-50's. Have you heard the Bogen PA amps?

When I picked this up from the trash my thoughts were along the lines of possibly modifying it & using it as a subwoofer amp for a secondary/tertiary system. Ideally, I was thinking along the lines of something similar to what other's have done to the Altec 1570, but on a smaller/cheaper scale.

Should I even bother? Is there any potential of turning this into something musical?

I admit I've only SEEN the bogen amps and typical installations of them, not usually used as a beefy pa amp for real sound reinforcement, can't say I've ever critically listened to them driving hi-fi speakers...
Heck, try it out and see if it works as a bass amp.
By the way my Rega Vulcan was, in my opinion, a near PERFECT match to the Spica TC-50's. I now use it with a pair of Ensemble Animatas, a better speaker than the spica but I still love the spicas and always will.
Has anyone heard these?

Might this be a good guitar amp?

Or should I just return this to the trash?

Any information is greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year everyone :-)
I think it maybe worth the time to run up slowly and try. I have a number of Bogen audio amps that are very fine indeed. Never heard a PA amp.
I have read that some of the better Bogen PA amps make good sub amps as they are very high currant to run many speakers at once.
Do you still have it?