Blue Heaven Studios, Salina, Kansas

I just have to write to all of you AGoner's out there and tell you about last night. I only live an hour from Chad Kassem's Blue Heaven Studios, and last night I finally got my butt down there to take this venue in. What a fool I have been!

After three and half hours of solid music, all I could say is how great fantastic it is that Chad has made such a commitment to our love of music on all levels from LP's to actual concerts. What a guy!!! Hat's off!!!

Regarding my musical tastes and the "STAR" of the show among the 12 or so Blues artists there last night, the "tip of the hat" in my opinion goes to Jimmy D. Lane and Double Trouble (C. Latton and T. Shannon). The new album is due out soon by Kassem!!! I am putting in my order today!!! The mixture of Lane with that "Stevie Ray Vaughn" sound for a backing was intoxicating!! Just had to write to all of you so you could "keep your ears up" for some great music!!!

Happy Listening!