This CD is blowing me away! I have never heard a 2ch disc with so many layers. The soundstage is very wide and impressive. Not sure how this project was mixed but I wish more titles sounded this good. I know that many might find her voice annoying but I love that little elfish girl from Iceland...she has some pipes! I wonder If anyone agrees with me on this? I highly recommend this disc to those who haven't heard it.
Bjork is one of a kind and she has talent on many levels, including mixing and producing.
"Post" is my favorite Bjork cd. Love it start to finish. I'll have to give a closer listen to Vespertine.
i agree post is her best but she has a jazz"gling glo"which is very good.her influences are from;brian eno and kraftwerk.eno's best to my taste is "another green world" and for kraftwerk i like "autobahn".eno is quite prolific and made many albums with robert fripp of king crimson and hes the producer of u2 on many albums.pat
I will have to pick up "Post". I'm kind of rediscovering Bjork having listened to her with the Sugarcubes many moons ago. The only other disc I have is the Medulla SACD.
"Selma Songs" is very good as well, the soundtrack to the film in which Bjork played the lead role, "Dancer in the Dark". Excellent film, a haunting, tragic musical about a blind woman.
I'm a fan of both Eno & Fripp. I grew up listening to a lot of King Crimson, Roxy Music, Bowie and the likes, although they were a bit before my time...I had some older friends that turned me on to some great artists. In those days these bands & musicians would collaberate creating some great sounding music. I aprreciated the creativity these artist conveyed being a musician myself. Although Vespertine is not a new release, it's new to me, and I find it to be fresh, lush & very creative.
Boa is right. Bjork's musical is excellent. It will have even the most stoic person crying copious tears. Oddly, though, it is one of those tragic movies I want to see multiple times.

Her Vespertine disc has been among my favorites for a long time.
Just ordered Selma Songs at Looking forward to a new Bjork cd for late night listening.
Get the live version too!
I just received two DVD's of hers.Live From Shephards Bush and Live At the Royal Opera House.I believe the latter is Vespertine live.I watched/listened to the Shephards Bush one the other night and got blown away by her.That elfish comment is so accurate.She almost seems like she exists in another realm or world when she performs and sings.Yeah i have become a fan and that voice and her control of it as an instrument are mind blowing to me.She's a great artist in my opinion.Really looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the Opera House DVD soon now.
I know a guy in copenhagen that produced the music fortwo tracks off that lp... undo and coccoon i believe.. his name is thomas knak, but records under the name "opiate" and is in some interesting electronic bands called "future three" and "james bong".. but his opiate stuff is much better... similar to what is on vespertine
Vespertine is my fav Bjork as well, and not by a small margin. Although I would say every bjork album (except telegram) is awesome in its own way, y'all should check out Post, Selmasongs, and Drawing Restraint for sure if you haven't already. If you are a jazz fan you also need to give Gling Glo a listen, it is a killer set of tunes.