Bias for Jadis DA-8

Any information on the bias value for the 6550s in my Jadis DA8 will be greatly appreciated. I have emailed Jadis and they said that they cannot provide this information. I have to go thru the local distributor for servicing. Unfortunately, we do not have a local distributor. I explained this but never got a response. Needless to say, I got this amp from overseas.

Thanks in advance.
Can't answer your question, but I ran across the following info on a web posting ( dated March 2005:

"Authorized repairs and upgrades for older Jadis units in the United States are available from Ron Cox in Colorado (970-882-2530). Like Brooks Burdan, who carried Jadis for many years, Ron knows Jadis backwards and forwards and makes all repairs with Jadis parts. People on the East Coast can work with JadisÂ’ other knowledgeable authorized repair/upgrade person, Avis Brand (516-671-8310)."

I can't vouch for this info, but maybe it will get you where you need to go.
Hi Arkprof,

Thanks for the help. Best Regards.
Pierre Gabriel Acoustic Inc.
North American Distributor for Jadis products
Toll Free Canada / USA : 1-877-430-1485