Biamping: Emotiva, W4S, Parasound or ..?

I am thinking about actively biamping a pair of Magnepan MG 20.1s. I have a pair of Parasound JC-1 Monoblocks which I was thinking of using for the mids & tweeters. I was considering either a pair of Emotiva XPA-1s or Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000s for the bass. I wondered if anyone with experience with either of these amps (or the UPA-1s & SX-500s which are also possibilities) could share their experience or offer any advice?

Possible alternative scenarios include getting another pair of the JC-1s (i.e. biamping with the same model) or using my existing JC-1s on the bass & trying a pair of larger tube monos (e.g. VTL MB-350s) for the mids/tweets. Obviously these are more expensive options ...
I would have to recommend the second paragraph options. The superlative bass the JC 1s have on my Magnepans is hard to leave behind. A point could be made for using the same amps, or maybe the A1 for the mids/highs.
Thanks 4est. It looks as if you are the only person with any advice to offer!
Why do you want to bi-amp? Do you think your current amp is not sufficent? Do you expect better sound quality when bi-amping. To me personally using multiple amps only makes sense in an active system. I have spoken with some speaker manufacturers and some sell speakers that can be bi-wired/amped just because there is a market for it. Not because the speaker will sound different or better when bi-wired/amped.
Because it's widely acknowledged that bi-amping MG 20.1s vastly improves their sound. Even the guy who designed them bi-amped his own pair.