Biamping cabling autoformer +ics+ speakercabling

Hi everyone! I have biamped my speakers with same lenght ics 5'and speaker cords 2m with tube monos to the highs .Now I installed paul speltzs autoformers with 18" leeds bevor and 18" after those donuts, wich theoreticaly offset the overal lenght by about 4o" on the highs plus insert one more connection to the hole line . Now i realy like to ask what possible tradeoffs I would encounter, when I remove the 2 m speakercord ,go direct with the autoformers to speakers and install 8'to 10' ics to reach tube amps only .I dont have long ics to try out.My system : cat pre ,asl 1006 monos ,innersound 300 ,cardas ics, ps audio prelude, and purist audio colosuss infinity rennaisance 90s ,Your response is much appreciated thanks Erwin.