Bi-wire using single or two cables?

I have an Onix A60 Integrated that I'm running into PSB Century 600i's. Am hoping to bi-wire, but was wondering whether it's better to use two less expensive cables to biwire, or one more expensive cable with biwiring ends built in. Specifically, I'm debating between two pairs of Audioquest Type 2+'s, or one pair of Type 6 biwire cable. Any comments as to good cables I can look into at that price range would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
You should go with the better cable. In my experience there is not much of a difference between a single and biwire pair of the same type cable; ie, two single Type 6 would be about the same as the Type 6 Bi-Wire version.

Other reasons to get the single cable are: (1) that some audiophiles use a different type cable for the high and low frequency speaker posts; (2) If you have a budget of say $300 for cables, you could buy a $300 single cable and save up go get another $300 single cable later, instead of buying a $300 Bi-Wire cable or two $150 singles. If you start with a single to save for a second single later you will need a jumper wire to the other speaker post.

I agree with Sugarbrie. If I were in your shoes I'd definitely go for the better single run first, then decide later whether or not an upgrade to biwire is necessary.

Before recommending a cable other than Audioquest, I'd need to know a few things first: What are the sound characteristics of your system? Are you trying to change the way something sounds? What length of speaker cable do you think you'll need?

Without that information my best stab would be to suggest DH Labs Silversonic T-14. A good bargain in a silver wire. This cable doesn't cost a fortune and will add spark to lifeless systems. Another step up is the Analysis Plus Oval Nine. This cable is about $347 new for an 8 foot single run pair with spades. You can find these used here for under $250. The APs are much fuller sounding than the T-14s and have better soundstaging.

I hope I've helped in some way. Have fun and happy hunting!
Thanks Sugarbrie and Gunbei for the input!

As for the sound characteristics of my system, the Onix A60 is definitely "solid-state" sounding. It's not the warmest sound, but it is clear, detailed, and puts out great bass. The PSB's do a good job of tempering and mellowing out the sound. Together, I think the best way to describe the sound is clean, accurate, and pretty neutral. I'm concerned that a silver cable might be too quick and bright for my setup... I've heard that the Auduiquest cables tend to color the sound (if at all) on the warmer side.

I'm looking for cables between 6-8 feet.

Thanks Ewha. Now I have a better picture.

From your description and concerns, I don't think the DH Labs are what you're looking for. In my system they were at times strident and had a flat, in-your-face presentation.

I totally forgot to suggest the baby brother to the Analysis Plus Oval Nine. The Oval 12. I own the AP9s, and from what I've read here people think the AP12s are close in sound to the AP9s at much less cost. Here's a link to the AP12s:

The Analysis Plus copper cables are warm, yet detailed. They managed to tame a lot of the hot spots in my setup, and at the same time introduced a very wide and deep soundstage which I was lacking.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Hello, Ewha....I concur with Surgarbrie and Gunbei. I too believe this will give you the best solution. Once you've found the speaker wire you like in your system at that price, you'll never have to be second guessing. "What if I spent a little more and?' This is expensive and I've been there...once you can afford your second cable...go for the meantime have fun and enjoy. Bluenose
I would go with Type 6 bi-wire over double Type 2. For just a few dollars more, you might be able to get into a pair of Indigos. I am a big fan of AQ's older product lines. Type 6 uses the same configuration as AQ's higher-priced Indigo and Argent cables. I own all three of these cables and highly recommend them. The main difference is the type of metal used.

What is your budget? I may have an extra pair in the closet that meet your needs. Send me an email if you are interested.

Good luck.

if your thinking AudioQuest cable, consider the midnight line. they are going used at very can-do prices. add a second set down the road. kurt
One consideration regarding Audioquest biwire is that their single biwire cables are configured somewhat differently than if you were to use shotgun double runs of the same type. What they do with their spread-spectrum s.b.w. (in order to make it more economical to use) is reduce/reconfigure some of the high side conductors over to the low side conductors, compared to a double run. This enhances performance where you need it, without degrading performance where you don't need those extra conductors.
not tryin to push the midnight but located a dbl shotgun set(four individual run) at can't beat the price.