bi wire ?????????

when you hookup your bi-wire speakers and use the jumpers does it matter what end ( low or high freq. )that the speaker cable goes into????? Thanks for the help..
Hey Hall24, From my experience it does if your speakers or receiver specify. I have some Magnepan's and a Denon 3600 receiver, they both specify. For my receiver it was in the owner's manual which set was low and which one's were high. On the back of my speakers it also indicated which set was low and high.Check your manuals, if you have them. If not include your equipment on your post or try a search. Good Luck!
To check by ear, attach your speaker wires into the lower set of speaker terminals, then use your biwire jumper to reach the upper set of speaker terminals. This often is what sounds best. If you find that written instructions contradict this intuitive placement then follow the written instructions from the manufacturer. Usually, the solid piece of metal provided to jumper between lower and higher speaker terminals is not as good sounding as short run of high quality speaker wire. For example, for $20 Mapleshade sells a higher quality jumper speaker ribbon wire. After listening to this setup for a few selections, you can try instead to connect your speaker wires to the upper set of speaker terminals first, and listen to the same selections to see if sound is superior.
No it does not matter. I think a lot of people hook up to the high side as I did when I ran a single wire and jumpers. It's all in what you hear.

Good luck,
Most seem to claim speaker cables should be hooked up to mids/highs when using mono-wiring for bi-wireable speakers.

And certainly if there is any doubt, always connect to the mids/highs connectors as the bass section is typically a tad bit more forgiving than the m/h's.

No diference. It's all in what YOU THINK you hear.