bi-amping using - y- adapters

Considered trying two different amps.Solid state on the bottom and tubes on top using y adapter in preamp connection.Is this a safe procedure? Is this a wasted effort?
HI Thorman!

just did this out of curiosity and because I have a pair of meitners mtr-100 that is lying around waiting for action.
I am using an audioprism debut tube amp with my vandersteen 2ce sigs which are designed for bi-wiring/bi-amping are yours?.
so here we go...I bought a pair of y and hooked it up to my preamp output(vtl super)then going down to both input of the meitners which are powering the bass part;the other is running down to the AP to power the mids and highs(horizontal bi-amping).
Now I did not expect any match in the mids where both of the amps sounds meets,but to my surprise it worked out beautifully!just more details,focus in the sound and the bass really kicks in now,punchy and fast;the hf/mf sounds sweet as ever with tubes.
this said I got lucky to have both quality amps it's a must if you want this to work and the match was not planned,just happened.
as for you if you have to buy one extra amp you will have to spend time on the net to find out what amps works together to not make a $ mistake;both my amps are recommended in 8 ohms the meitners are a little more sensitive than the AP but I can't hear anything out of place just sounds great.
Hopefully you get more responses to help you out ,just wanted to share my experience with you.
try searching in all the web site using the best search engine I think there is( good luck with it.
sometimes instead of bi-amping buying a better amp might be the answer if cost effective.Aloha! Thierry.
Thanks Thierry! I do have a quality solid state amp i may try along with tubes on top.I guess for the price of a y connector its worth a shot Thanks again

let me know how it goes