Better Tonearm wire or best, cartridge tonearm too

I just got into vinyl playback. And am looking to install better tonearm wire in my clearaudio satisfy tonearm mounted onto a vpi tnt V. Any suggestions thanks. P.S. Any suggestions as to cartridges are welcome as well, am using a grado for around $200. I Am pleased with it but know it can get better. What about tonearms any suggestions on that too. I will accept redicule for all these questions so long as i get better sound. And while I am at it what about records neva mind. Just the wire the cartridge and arm will do and maybe table as well. thanks butthead for the moment.
I think the best internal arm wire is the silver van den Hul MC-150S, I believe it is (go to their website and look at the cable info page) I had SME put it in my V tonearm two years ago (it's even better than SME's OEM vdH wire) and it made a huge difference.

Cartridges? I'm not going there . . . . . .
I second the recommendation of MC 150S wire. I also have it in my SME V. Much better than the stock wire.