Best Woodstock recordings.

The other night I was watching the Woodstock documentary and was really wishing that I'd been there. So in order to recreate it as best as I can here at home, I'm trying to locate good Woodstock recordings. But the only thing of decent quality is that 4cd set that came out a few years back covering both the original woodstock and the 94 Woodstock. Frankly I don't care about 94, I just want the original music. There must have been good bootleg versions taken off the soundboard. Anyone know of any? Better yet, anyone have a good version that I could get a CDR of? Were any of you guys there?
i have the mofi box. with the exception of the live announcements ("watch out for bad acid") and some of 10 years after, "i'm comin' home" it mostly sucks, as do all of the other "official" and bootlegs i've ever heard. guess ya hadda be there; i missed it cuz my 1st son was making his way thru mom's birth canal that weekend. no doubt a less messy event. and historically more important in my annals of life.
I have a number of Woodstock collections, I found that the 25th Anniversary 3 Days of Peace and Music Box Set to be the best. There is also a 2 cd release of Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock. Bootlegs abound in various sound quality. It is true, that none of the recordings are audiophile quality but many are enjoyable.