Best thtr/musc preamp/amp sep's for

Hi all. I've got $5-6k to spend for preamp/proc and amp separates and would like advice. I'm about 30/70 movies/music, love options, and have a 55" backprojection TV with component ins on the TV. So I need component switching on the preamp/proc. I was looking at the B&K ref 20, but it doesn't have component switching.. :-( Would like a 2 channel amp and 3 channel amp as well as pre/proc... am willing to buy used goods, but not >1yr old... tough order, but I'd appreciate everyone's helpful advice! Thx, or e-mail me at [email protected]
if component switching doesn't really matter, anything wrong with the b&k? what do you think of their ref20? i've ready about build quality issues... also, does the proceed avp handle component switching? i love the sweet lows in music and have heard aragon can be low... how about a used krell 250a for around $1600?? again, your thoughts are always appreciated... -baz
If you are looking to spend $6,000 tops for a processor pre-amp and amps then you might want to look into the Parasound AVC-2500 since it does include component switching. If it were my money I would look for a Proceed AVP used for around $3,200 and if you want to go with a 2 and 3 channel amp then look for a Aragon 8008ST and 8008x3. You would probably spend about $1,200 for the 8008ST and about $1,600 for the 8008x3 but combined with the Proceed that would bring the total to $6,000. You may also want to think about a Lexicon DC-1 which you can pick up used for about $2,000 fully loaded. Though not as musical as the AVP it does kick ass in home theater. The Parasound HCA-2205A is also a good amplifier which can be had for about $1,700. Though this combo will not have the musicality of the Proceed/Aragon combo it will blow you away for home theater and comes in at only $3,700 tops. Neither does component switching but you are better off connecting directly to your TV anyway since there are only a few processors that pass component without degrading the signal anyway. Good Luck