Best Speaker for Loud Rock w/ tubes

My system is:
Sonic Frontiers power 2
von gaylord Lad-L2 pre,
Exposure 2010 cd player
Finite elemente stand
Chord Co signature interconnect
Oval 9 speaker cables
Homemade speakers
I am not really satisfied with the imaging and bass of my current speakers, so i am looking to buy new ones that will work well with what i already have. Please give me suggestions. Thanks
To put it in perspective............Yioryos, before you flame someone read what hey wrote, and try to see the intend. I'll number it for you.

1. From what I've heard of the SF-2, it aint got no rhythm.

2. I don't know it all, but Asonicyouth should get lucky if he/she auditions enough speakers.

3. I do not advocate S.S. (such a Linn) because despite the speed and rhythm S.S. has no soul (and not a lot of center image/sound stage either).

4. I don't know why all the critics loved the Sonic Frontiers power 2 so much, but I must assume they were better at milking the best out of it (balancing act), or at least did a better job than my local stereo shop. Example, I called the shop ahead of time so they could warm up the amps - they did not, I stayed an hour the sound did not get better. Keep working at it (with this amp), and you might succeed at your audio nirvana.
Hi Katch22i
Sorry to hear about your disappointment with SF Power 2.I personally never owned or listened to the unit.I just heard a lot of good things about it.One thing I know is I am happy with my tubed amps,coloration,distortion and everything.I didn't intent to upset you ,but I didn't think your post met the question's criteria.If you like your LINN that's great,enjoy them.
You might consider some of the bigger TRIANGLE speakers with Athmasphere amp/s. This combo is capable of awesome sound.
go with maggies. resonably priced almost indestructable. power will need a subwooofer.