Best Speaker for Loud Rock w/ tubes

My system is:
Sonic Frontiers power 2
von gaylord Lad-L2 pre,
Exposure 2010 cd player
Finite elemente stand
Chord Co signature interconnect
Oval 9 speaker cables
Homemade speakers
I am not really satisfied with the imaging and bass of my current speakers, so i am looking to buy new ones that will work well with what i already have. Please give me suggestions. Thanks
Klipsch Heritage Line! Belles are my fav.
Talon Ravens
Well,here is what I use lately for the front.Aerial 10t/Rogue M150 tube mono's/Oval 9 cables.For classic ROCK,is unbeatable.Your SF Power 2 is a nice amp.
While I don't listen to much loud rock anymore, I still own my old VMPS Supertowers (see my system pic's). Vmps...all models are one of the best rock speakers on the market IMO.

My 8 year old Supertower/r's make Klipsch sound like toys to be honest. The lower section of the Supertowers are the top of the line VMPS subs with mid-hi fq. drivers added above.

I've not had any in-home experience with the new VMPS models but would guess that the new RM-30's would float just about anyone's boat at their price range.

If you have the money...the VMPS RM-X is true SOTA speaker with nothing better on todays market value IMO.

All Vmps speakers love power but can be driven with even 50 watt tube amps in most rooms.

PSB GOLDi the best for rock
The best speaker would be line arrays, hand built by you. If you want to buy speakers, take a look at the Legacy Focus. The speaker is efficient, and rocks!

Sonic Frontiers power 2? There is no pace or toe tapping to that amp. It's a fine amp but there is no drive to it.

To put it in perspective have you hear a 100% Linn system? Linn would be about 180 degrees from your amp.

You will need to take home many, many speakers to get any drive out of the Sonic Frontiers power 2. It's a beautiful amp, pretty well balanced but a picky eater that does'nt want to drag a lot of dead weight around.

You might want to try a hybrid horn speaker that will give you a strong dynamic and volume too. Klipsh?
Dunlavy 5 with VTL 450 signature
I didn't know LINN makes tube amps.Read the name of the thread.
To put it in perspective............Yioryos, before you flame someone read what hey wrote, and try to see the intend. I'll number it for you.

1. From what I've heard of the SF-2, it aint got no rhythm.

2. I don't know it all, but Asonicyouth should get lucky if he/she auditions enough speakers.

3. I do not advocate S.S. (such a Linn) because despite the speed and rhythm S.S. has no soul (and not a lot of center image/sound stage either).

4. I don't know why all the critics loved the Sonic Frontiers power 2 so much, but I must assume they were better at milking the best out of it (balancing act), or at least did a better job than my local stereo shop. Example, I called the shop ahead of time so they could warm up the amps - they did not, I stayed an hour the sound did not get better. Keep working at it (with this amp), and you might succeed at your audio nirvana.
Hi Katch22i
Sorry to hear about your disappointment with SF Power 2.I personally never owned or listened to the unit.I just heard a lot of good things about it.One thing I know is I am happy with my tubed amps,coloration,distortion and everything.I didn't intent to upset you ,but I didn't think your post met the question's criteria.If you like your LINN that's great,enjoy them.
You might consider some of the bigger TRIANGLE speakers with Athmasphere amp/s. This combo is capable of awesome sound.
go with maggies. resonably priced almost indestructable. power will need a subwooofer.
How about Selah Audio Incredarray?
i think the SF has plenty of sould that is why i still have it. i have changed all the input drivers to seimens cca and the sound is amazing, especially with the von gaylord pre. i think that the selahs might work out i just wish there was somewhere that i could listen to them before tking the plunge. also id like to know the difference between the regular crossover and the deluxe model. Also yes, VTLs are an option but for the time being im sticking with the SF.
I have a SF Power 2 that I use as the top end in a bi-amp situation. My speakers are Innersound ISIS, they're hybrid and I use an ADCOM 5800 for the bass. I love the sound and I listen to everything except hard core rap.

Occasionally there is a pair of the Innersound ISIS for sale used. If you can afford the EROS (the bigger brother to ISIS) go with them. They are bigger and come with a bottom end amplifier.