Best Sounding CD + dvd

I found a new label and Art Halperin's album entitled LIFT was quite an ear opener. Great sound; and excellent performance. This is a basically a "Direct to disk" type of "live" recording; 2 michrophones; super well engineered (by Barry Diament). I recommend you try a listen. They have it available in a 16/44 CD and a "hi res" 24/96 DVD .
If you can play dts surround, the cd/dvd of Alan parsons' "A Valid Path" is astonishing in dts!!
I'm an Old School listener. 2 speakers; (True Stereo). I listen to alot of "analog" LP's. I was the last of my friends to buy a CD player. (DTS is beyond me for now)
The SoundKeeper recording I mentioned uses no overdubs, or other studio techniques. What was played in real time is what was recorded and is what you hear. Hard to believe there is so much depth and balance available from two well placed microphones. (Of course it helps to have a world class engineer behind it all)!
Happy Listening.

Which format did you purchase the CD or DVD? I notice on their site the DVD is actually DVD-R. I was wondering which format sounds best.

Can anyone tell me whether or not there is any compression used when formatting DVD Audio? Typically, which sounds better CD vs DVD Audio?

The DVD version is supposed to be remarkable. You should read some of the reviews. Soundkeeper offered two versions of the "CD" and one version of a DVD(-R). I bought the CD-R which was reproduced from the original hard drive recording (at a slow bit rate to insure low errors) They also have a "commercial" CD version too.

The DVD version received phenomonal reviews from the "golden ears" community. At this time I do not have the hardware to play back a DVD through my rig, but I will order a copy soon for future references.

After viewing their site for more details I suggest you try contacting SoundKeeper directly (Barry Diament's new label)
Happy Listening
One of my all time favorites is the AIX recording of John Gorka - Live Gypsy. He has Michael Manring on fretless bass and the sound is astounding. The package comes with a two sided video DVD, a DVD Audio and a CD. Interesting comparisones, but the songs are so good, and the video so well done that it's a great experience to share.
Thanks for the info and recomendation. I never heard of AIX before. Currently I don't have a set-up to audition audio DVD formats. I should in the future and will give some AIX (John Gorka ?) recordings a spin. Thanks again