best preamps in the 4K-8K range

I'm looking for some opinions on preamps. My current system is: Ayre Cx-7 CD player, Arcam AV8 preamp, Cary 500 MB monoblocks (currently using arcam P7 preamp, but have the Carys on order), Dali euphonia MS4 speakers, Richard Gray Power. I find m current system nice, but slightly analytical, and not as 3-dimentional as I'd like. I'd also like some more musicality with a touch of warmth. I have been thinking about BAT, Cary, Herron and Pass labs preamps--some would need to be picked up used on audiogon to stay in my price range. I would certainly appreciate any thoughts on what might go well with my system from any audiogoners. Thanks

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Tcheathertree, I just posted a review on the Bent Tap passive linestage compared to the Placette Active linestage that will provide you with information on both of these wonderful pieces. Each is in your budget range, so I would recommend you put both on your audition list.