Best Pre-Amp with Phono Stage

I'm looking for a great Pre-amp, mainly for it's Phono stage. I want to stay around $3000.00 used. A little about my system: I'm using a Sim audio Moon W-5 into B&W N802's, Nordost SPM cables with quatro fil interconnects. I need a great Phono Pre-amp. My digital is a Wadia 860, and I run that direct into the amp, so that isn't a concern. Please help.

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Atma-Sphere MP-1MKII (used) or the MP-3MKII new, blows all others away. No I am not a dealer or friend, just alot of expierience with "tube" pre-amps. ARC, CJ, Melos,Joule, CAT,Audible. The Atma-Sphere rules. Make sure you hear a unit that is fully broken in to really evaluate it, I think that is why we don't hear more about the pre-amps. They take forever to break in but it is well worth the wait.
Sorry to avguygeorge, didn't think I was condeming anyone. 59burst asked a question and I gave my opinion based on my expierience. Thought that was the idea of this forum. Peace avguygeorge!