Best Power cord for McCormack DNA 225 or 250

What are some of my options for the best power cord in the $250-$400 for the McCormack power amps. I am running a CJ tube amp in front of it. I was considering PS Audio Perfect Wave, Kimber PK10 Gold, and Acoustic Zen Tsunami 11. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
The Audience Powerchords are great, I've used them on everything. I think they sound best on amps, although I've heard people claim they preferred them on digital equipment.
Thanks for the response Ff116. Do you know of any particular model in the Audience Line that is in that price range?
You may also want to consider the Vh Audio Flavor 4 p/cord..Well within your price range and can upgrade the ends if you wish too...Very nice neutral sounding power cord,which is designed for amp on a dedicated line...Great reviews also.....
I am running all McCormack gear in my systems with the exception of one Conrad Johnson preamp in a small listening room. I am getting great results with My Audio Cables (MAC) power cords. The MAC Burley is superb, its in your price range and it competes with any power cord I've heard. I found MAC here on Audiogon. Good Luck!
I've tried quite a few different cords in my DNA .5 and found that the best, by far was the Kaplan copper cord, available from
I'm running "old" Synergistic Master Coupler PC's on both my DNA-500 and DNA-225 and like them. The 500 has a 20 Amp and the 225 a 15 amp. I can't tell a differenece in them though. Previously was using PS Audio Statement Plus, but these are much more open and lively that those.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your responses. I will

check out your recommendations. Have a good day.
If you can swing for the Shunyata Python, that would be a very good pc for the mccormacks.
the Audience is also very good, but I liked the Python the best.
I prefer the Custom Power Cord Company (CPCC) Top Gun HCF over the Shunyata Python on my DNA-1 Deluxe. It's $1K new but can be had for $200-300 used depending on length. CPCC is out of business when the owner retired so you can get them for cheap here on AGON. Make sure it is the HCF model,not to be confused with regular Top Gun. I kept the Python for Surround processor. Good Luck!