Best option for Preamp

Hi all - I'm looking for some advice. I have a system with sonus faber concertos, a Wadia 23, small llano monoblocks, and an older CJ preamp. I'm looking at a new solid state preamp (new to me that is). Looking at gamuT C 2 R, Plinius M16, yba 2, and Klyne 6. Any general thoughts from the crowd on the best match? tks
What about the sound of your present system are you trying to improve?
actually I like the sound of my system but the CJ is older and needs to be re-tubed...I'm looking for a tube-like tone...warm and neutral WRT the preamp. the Klyne really sounds like the one but not being able to demo i was figuring there would be no lack of opinions in this forum!
tks - zj
I compared a gamut c2r to a conrad johnson pv10 in my system. The CJ was noticibly better. The C2R is not tube sounding or warm. I'd call it neutral.....

The C2R displayed typical SS traits in my system. While in and of itself not a bad thing, it made my system too oriented to the analytical/detail/lean side of things. The CJ had more warmth, more bass (surprising), and handled transients much better (removed much harshness). With all the SS gear in my system, it apppears that a tube pre will be important to balance my sytem.

The Gamute C2R was a nice preamp, but it didn't blend well with my system.
Thanks for the tracks right with what I have been thinking/researching. much appreciated
the pinius is awsome bang for the buck