Best of the 80's &90's Amps & Preamps

Here is a fun exercise, a March Madness, Final Four of Audio so to speak. What is the best amp, preamp, and amp/pre combination in the following categories. My seeds may be off but I'm the one who made up this game and did all the typing. Write this down on paper if you need to and let us know what beats what and who is the winner in each category.

Region A: Tube Amp/Pre Category Winner Region A:_______

1. Berning EA-230 amp + TF10A pre
8. Lazaurs H2A + Cascade preamp

4. Counterpoint SA12 + SA3.1 preamp
5. ARC D60 + SP 8 preamp

3. Moscode 300 + Minuet in A preamp
6. Sonic Frontiers SFS40 + SFL preamp

7. VTL Stereo 50 + Ultimate Preamp
2. cj MV50 + PV5 preamp

Region B: Tube Preamps Winner Region B_________

1. ARC SP-6B
8. Lazarus Cascade

4. Music Reference RM5 mk II
5. cj PV 5

3. cj Premier II
6. Audible Illusions 2D

7. MFA Majus A-2
2. Counterpoint SA-5.1

Region C: Class A Amps Winner Region C_________

1. Krell KSA 50
8. Streets Electronics 950

4. Spectral DMA 50
5. Motif MS-50

3. Classe DR3-VHC
6. Wingate 2000

7. Bedini 25/25
2. Mark Levinson ML2

Region D: SS preamps Winner Region D_________

1. Dennessen JC80
8. Threshold FET 2 – Series 2

4. Dolan PM 1
5. Krell PAM 7

3. Spectral DMC 10
6. Motif MC 8

7. Klyne 7
2. Classe DR 5

Region E: SS Amp/Pre Winner Region E_________

1. Meitner STR 55 + PA 6 pre
8. Acoustat TNP 120 + TNP pre

4. PS Audio 200C + IVH pre
5. Perreaux PMF 1150B + SM2 pre

3. Forte 1a + Model 2 pre
6. VSP Labs Trans Mos 150 amp + pre

7. PSE Studio IV + PSL pre
2. Aragon 2004 + 18K pre

Region F: Budget SS Amp/Pre Winner Region F_________

1. MF P180 + P3 pre
8. Crown P50 + SL4 preamp

4. Superphon DM220 + Revelation Basic
5. Sumo 9 + Aurora preamp

3. B&K ST140 + PRO 10MC pre
6. Hafler DH220 + 110 pre

7. Adcom 545 + 555 preamp
2. Bryston 3B + 12 preamp

Region G: Receivers Winner Region G_________

1. Revox B285
8. Mitsubishi DA-R25

4. NAD 7140
5. ads R1

3. Kyocara R661
6. Yamaha CR640

7. Harman Kardon HK595i
2. The Carver Receiver

Please let me know your thoughts and what products in each category that should have made the rankings and didn't.
I'll go with:

D.) None of the Above
Check out MFA gear. The best of the best. Meticulous build quality and the sound to match.
Tandberg recievers were great.

Kenwood LO7M power amp. DC-coupled for awesome bass.
The Music Reference RM9, MKI, MKII were great as were the ARC, and the PSE were superb for the money. Missing is the Quicksilver Silver mono, the M135, M60, M80. They needed the caps changed out and the Rel caps replaced as there are better ones now. These were superb because nearly all of them are in use today with a cult following due to the point to point wiring and not having a board burn out and no replacement available. The B&K are also great. Krell ahd some good ones, VAC and the PA90,
Yes, I agree - there are many brands that I left out or just kind of forgot about. Certainly could have added the RM9 in the tube amp category, the B&K in the SS amp category, and Tandberg in the rec'r category as well as the other products mentioned from other posts. Many of the entries were products that I was aware of from reading a review of it and always wanted to hear but never had the opportunity.
NAD all the way.
How about cj's pv8 and pv9 preamps? Also Electrocompaniet (EC-1, I think). And, not to forget, the Convergent Audio Technologies SL-1.
Threshold t-200 or t-400 power amp and Threshold t-2 preamp