Best nearfield speakers for my system

Hello out there,

Interested in hearing your thoughts regarding my current situation. I am looking for a new pair of speakers that will work well with my new front end equipment and room and I wanted to solicit your thoughts.

I am currently running a Camelot Roundtable Mk 1 as my primary CD source. This is run in to a Bel Canto Design eVo2i integrated amp (essentially an eVo 200.2 and PRe-1 in a single box). My current speakers are Magnepan 1.6s. The whole system is wired with DH Labs, Air Matrix interconnects and Q-10 bi-wired speaker cable.

For one thing, I am moving to a room where I will be listening to speakers in the nearfield (less than 8 feet from driver to ear at the listening position, given proper spacing from the wall) and it has always been my experience, because of the necessary driver blending between the planar driver and the quasi-ribbon driver, more room is needed.

My second issue is that the 1.6s, while wonderful through most of the frequency range, are just a bit soft at the highest frequency extremes (especially compared to the true ribbon drivers, but also to the better made dynamic tweeters out there) and this does not seem to mate very well with the Camelot and Bel Canto gear which are very transparent, but perhaps a bit soft themselves at the top end.

I would hope to find a speaker combo that would alleviate both issues, i.e. a speaker that works for nearfield listening, but which is also is known for having a slightly more aggressive top end. I don't want to go too far with that, of course, but, given my listening tastes, a little more aggression in that area would be preferable.

I am considering the Audio Physic Tempo IIIs, but am interested in whatever other speakers you think might work. Thanks for whatever thoughts you might have.

Hope everyone is having a happy holidays.
I think audio physic is a good choice, but you should also check out the mani two from totem. I liked the tempos and the virgos, but I thought totem had more bass and more "soul". I hope you like your choice, they are both very good.
Depends what you want to spend of course, but here are a few that should work nicely......

Aerial Acoustics Model 5, 6, or 10 - yes the Model 10 is dynamite in the near field if you have a room that won't load up in the bottom end.

Energy Veritas 2.1 or 2.2 - great bang for the buck...

Wilson Benesch ARC - or the Discovery, but it's WAY expensive...

ProAC Response 1 or 1.5 - highs can sound a bit laid back...

Martin Logan CLS IIz - it's a freak show, but in a small room with the right gear, WOW!

Good luck in your search - the same problem took about two years of my time!
search here:
pro monitors
Why not go for a classic speaker designed for near field listening, the LS3/5A? Remember, in the near field you are going to experience less loss from the high end, so beware getting anything too agressive sounding.