Best Matching Amps for B&Ws?

I am a newbie trying to build a system that is 90% music, 10% movies. I have acquired recently some B&W's speakers: DM603(fronts),DM601(rears), ASW1000(Active sub) and CC6(centre) What would be the best Pre/Pro + Amp combo for the speakers that could do music as well? My budget is about $5,000. Or should I consider a separate system for music? If so how do I do it? Cheers.
Krell will kick those B&W's into gear. Try a 300i or KAV pre/amp combonation. It all depends on the type of sound you are looking for. I like the dynamics, impact and immediacey that Krell has with B&W's. I use a KRC-HR, 300S & 801's III. Remember that you are the one that has to be happy after the purchase.
Thanks Krell1 for your suggestion. However, Krell is incredibly expensive, 3 times you would pay(even after the currency conversion) for when you are in United States. You guys are very fortunate. Therefore, I am stuck with the Rotels(RMB1095) or the Anthem MCA5 or the Marantz MM9000. What do you think? Thise B&Ws have a sensitivity of obly 86db.. Cheers. Therefore, I think
My question is why did you buy a surround speaker system if you are interested in 90% music? You've got about $2400 of speakers there. For that you could have built a 2.1 system. (2 Fronts & Sub). There is really nothing wrong with this for movies if your interest is only 10%. Anyway I guess it is too late for that. Rotel, NAD, Higher end Marantz & Yamaha are fine for the B&W 600 series speakers. Higher up the chain from there and you would be better off with better speakers in my opinion; for B&W at least the CDM series. Happy listening.
You may want to try and just go with a nice surround reciever for around $1,000 and spend the other 4k on a small intergrated, maybe even tube , set of monitors, and cd player. I am sure if you create a post you would get some help putting it together.
Why not try Arcam gear? The smooth, easy going multichannel amps will suite your B&W's to a tee, also, its well withing budget. The DAVE modules allow easily upgradability as well. with the remaining cash, try hooking everything up with some Audioquest interconnects (this will inject a little pace to the sound), and hook the speakers up with some midline Van Den Hul cable to get the best from the Arcams.
I would try a Marantz SR19 or SR18. OR go used. You could get many different combo's.. like mono block Marantz 500, 700, I think a McCormack DNA 1 for the mains .. there are many possiblilties..
If I were you, i wouldnt spend all that money on Krell or Mccormack stuff. Good though the B&W's are, I dont think it would justify that sort of equipment behind it. Now if you were planning on a speaker upgrade soon, it would be a different story.... Have you seen the new range from Mryad yet?