Best in wall speaker cable?

I need to run my speaker wires inside the wall for my home theater. A couple of wire runs are going to be close to 100' for my front Left speaker it will be roughly 45', center channel will be 20', and my front right speaker will be roughly 20'
Looking for suggestions, I'm thinking of going with Blue Jean Cables 10 ga, but was wondering if there is anything better out there for this application??  
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In-wall speakers cables are required to be fire-rated so as to meet insurance policy rules. They are primarily built with an emphasis on fire retardent materials and shielding to meet that reason alone without any primary focus on bespoke audio performance improvement characteristics.

In most cases there will be negligible to nil audio performance differenciation between the main brands, with a similar nominal variance in price . ( I tried a couple in a limited bake-off in my HT .... I didn’t hear any difference. ) I settled on BELDEN cuz they had two models and the thicker ( very debatable higher model ?.) model was on sale.

BELDEN, BLUE JEAN, ....WHATEVER.... it boils down to a “just pick one of ‘em” exercise IMO.

my primary 2-channel system is an all-NORDOST FREY cable array (ICs and shotgunned speaker) that are not in the wall) ..... the BELDENs are not in their league but at their price point and build , they were never designed or built to compete in audio improvements.

The latter do yeoman duty for HT surrounds and rears in the wall (its only a manufactured fill-in audio track signal to those anyway )
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