Best IC & cable for Bryston B60

I am currently putting together a system with a B60, B&W CDM1NT speakers, and a Rotel 1070 cd player. I listen to mostly small group jazz and instrumental music. This is my first good stereo system and I would appreciate any advice with regards to IC's and cable. I was looking at mid range audioquest stuff and wanted to get some feedback before I jumped in.
why not use the cables that bryston sells? you can buy it on their website. very reasonable.
I personally, given your electronics and musical tastes, would look for warm IC's and spk. cables. Consider Cardas/Van den Hul. Audition within your own system on a trial basis to see what works for you. Audioquest Quartz IC's and Crystal spk. wire (used) would be a decent choice, but, if you want something more refined... Audition and see for yourself.
Try JPS labs. I used to own a B25 and 4bst and thought they were the best of the cables I auditioned: cardas, DH labs.
JPS Labs Superconductor Fx were really quite good.
Thanks for the help. Looks like I have some auditioning to do.
I'm currently using JPS Ultra's with my B60 & Rotel 965BX. I found that the JPS cable tones down the high end a bit which can be a good thing as I find that the B60 can make poor recordings a bit hard to tolerate. Detail, image and bass are much improved over other cables I've tried.