Best Hi-end speakers?

These are truly high end to me. Any opinions on these? Any owners of these that want to give some feedback?

I am looking at these three and leaning towards the RBH..
RBH SX-6300/R
Atlantic Technology AT-1
Phase Technology PC9.5
That is a pretty competitive price range. All three are floor standing speakers. What might help is knowing what size room you are going to put them in, the type of music you are listening to and what you will be using for electronics. At this price range I would recommend being patient and listening to as many speakers in the price range you can. Don't forget stand mount speakers either, they can be pretty impressive.
I'd seriously consider some Magneplanar 1.7s and a pair of SVS SB-1000 subwoofers. Large radiating area devoid of inertial artifacts, energizes the room realistically, and bass extension rivaling *very* expensive full-range speakers.

The 1.7s fly in the face of conventional lore about Maggies' limitations. They do take some hours to break in. I've had mine for 6 months now and I get a smile on my face just *thinking* about playing some music. When I do, I still can't believe how good they are, how realistic-sounding, how free of artifacts. It helps to have the right upstream components of course.

But at $2K for the speakers and $949 for a pair of 12" sealed subs, this is hard to beat.
There is no best of anything. Only which speaker may be best for you. And how would anyone know that unless you supplied more specific information such as....

Do you have amp? What it is? Is it capable of properly driving the speakers on your list? Your leaning toward the RBH and at 4 Ohms, with a sensitivity of 88 Dbw, it is the most difficult to drive of the bunch. The Atlantics at 6 Ohm and 89 Dbw would probably be the easiest.

As others have pointed out, would be good to know your room size and type of music you like too. Finally, try and audition them and let your ears be the judge. Speakers are far too subjective to reply on the opinions of a bunch a strangers on an internet forum.

BTW, I never heard any of them but even if I had, I would ask the above questions first and still not give you a recommendation. They are that subjective!
Paraneer and Davt nailed it - there is absolutely no way anybody can give you a recommendation that will be very helpful, because there's too much information missing from the equation, AND speakers are very much a personal taste.

The best way to find speakers you can be happy with is to find a dealer who will let you bring them home, and listen to them in YOUR room, with your particular music, with your own ears, and nobody hanging over your shoulder waiting for you to hand them your credit card.

If you can't find a dealer who can do this, find stores where you can at least listen with equipment that is at least semi-close to what you'll be using at home.

The good news is that the price range you're suggesting, from those 3 candidates, is loaded with wonderful choices. If you take your time and search patiently, this effort will likely have a very happy ending because your budget is ample and that budget range is filled with great products. Including Johnnyb53's recommendation of Magnepans. And the other fellas are right - don't be afraid of standmount speakers, paired with a good subwoofer. That's how I went, and boy did it work out great. Good luck!
I agree with Paraneer about having to listen to them if you want the best of the 3. Three people could audition those 3 and each could pick something different. Myself, I have been around RBH products for about 20 years and can say that for me, I like the balanced sound that I hear with their products. I have gone from 61-SE bookshelf to FM-45's to 1044's to the T30-LSE's. Each step I made, I always felt that treble, bass and midrange were all very well managed and clean sounding. I never felt that any part of the music was being too forward or lacking and never bright or fatiguing. The new SX-6300-R is a beautiful speaker and sounds even better but you still should listen to them first. There's no arguing that we all hear sound different. Good luck and let us know what you end up with.
Best speakers? What speakers are the best for everybody? Are they out there somewhere? Are they being made and will be on the market soon? Are they hiding them right now saying they are top secret? Why? Where? Help?