Best Dead Concert on Mp3

I have recently spent my time downloading some Dead onto my computer. What are you favorite shows and do you have any links to download sites. As most would agree with, I reaaly like Barton Hall 77 and 5/25/77 Richmond VA.
Geez, nobody listen to the dead on audiogon. Seems that heavy metal rules the day. Why spend tons of money on audio? Barton Hall 1977- Really great concert. Sound on the recording is great and the dead are at their best. Best tracks are "They love each other", "Loser", and "Row Jimmy Row". 5/25/77 Richmond VA- Man the Dead was smokin in 77. This show also has good sound an Jerry is really on. Nobody will read this. Guess your to busy banging your head to Metallic. Have to go to another site to talk about music.
Whoa, Mrmom. Let's not get our panties in a knot. Go check the thread re: "Achingly Beautiful Music" and you'll see composers and musicians from Mahler, Bach & Beethoven to Cowboy Junkies, Weather Report, Pat Metheny and Bill Evans lauded. Devotees of this site have a WILDLY diverse palette of preferred genres. And almost everyone here plays together well (except when they talk about power cords). If we wanted to be nasty to Deadheads, we could tell jokes like: "What did one Deadhead say to the other when the acid wore off?" "Man, this band SUCKS!" But that would be rather unfair & cruel to make that kind of prejudicial we won't.
Mrmon-I would have to agree with Tim, peolple on this site have a very well balance of musical tastes. But you are not alone in your love for the Dead, I love Jerry's colaborations with David Grisman and have been a fan of the Dead as well. I just got the pizza tapes, and it feels like Jerry is in the room with us.
Thanks Gary, I have not downloaded the Pizza tapes but will soon. I recently downloaded "Tangled up in Blue" by The Jerry Garcia Band 1980 Hartford. Jerry's vocals sound a little distant by his guitar solo is nice. I'm unsure of the keyboard player but he also has a nice solo. Timwat- just trying to stir up some conversation. I figured some people must have some concerts they liked. I've learned to go to a dead site for recommendations.