Best DAC for Mark lavinson Transport 37 ??

Any one suggest me for best DAC other than their own product for Mark Levinson transport 37? Becoz their old DAC's are using 20 bits were as I need to upgrade to 24 bit
DACs have improved alot since the Levinson 36/37 combo was introduced. Fortunately, your transport is capable of really singing with a current generation DAC. Check out Bryston's BDA-1. I just recently purchased their CD player with the same dac built-in, and it really is phenomenal. I'm not sure about the price, but it should be comparable to match up with the 37.
I was really impressed with the Weiss Minerva at our Club's meeting. It really hung in there with my Playback Designs.
Best? Can't answer that but I am selling my modded ML No.37 & Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC right here on Audiogon. I loved the combination of the two. Sound was very open & dynamic.
Good luck!