'best' CD changer out there?

any thoughts? I know the old CALIFORNIA AUDIO LABS 5 DISK CD CHANGER CL-10 was considered pretty good. had a 20 bit brown burr in the DAC. What else? Im using a Harman Kardon FL8380. with a 18 bit brown burr.

Im now having problems playing some of my burned cd's off of a Harman Kardon CDR 30. the offending discs play fine on the CDR 30 or other players,but distort badly on the FL8380 CD changer.
The Adcom - the Anthem tube unit (noisy) - The Mcintosh 7008 and the newer 205. The Cal was a very good one. The Sony 333 is also very good and plays SACD's.
I use a very high-end single CD player and I have a toslink connection to a standard, off-the-shelff CD changer. This way I get the excellent DAC and CD changing on the rare occasions I use the changer.
Check out the Rotel RCC-1055. Very good changer with detach. PC, higher end power supply, nice sonics, and great remote.