Best Cables for Eidolon/Boulder system

I am wondering which cables (speaker and interconnect) would maximize the potential of my system; Eidolon, Boulder 1012 pre/dac, 1060 power, ML 31.5 source. I currently use Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables, Transparent Ultra RCA interconnects and Harmonic Tech Magic AES digital cable. My amp uses Boulder stock power cords and Cardas Cross power cords for CD source and pre/dac.

I need to change the Transparent Ultra RCA interconnect to Balanced xlr since Boulder has full balanced design/input only. The below is short list so far; which would be the best for this system:

- NBS (which one?)
- Tara Labs The one or The two
- Purist Dominus Rev B (in Audiogon)
- Cardas Golden Cross

Also, if I don't go for Cardas interconnect, should I change the speaker cable and go with same line for both interconnect and speaker cable? How much magnitude of change in sound shoud I expect by going from Cardas Golden Cross Speaker Cables to something like PAD Dominus or Tara The One, They both cost Twice Golden Cross. I will do it if the change is more than subtle. Thanks.
the change will definitely be more than subtle, although i can't guarantee you'll love it. cardas (esp. golden cross, from what i've been told, though i've only heard other stuff of theirs) has a very distinctive sound. tara labs sound very very different (and to my ears very much better). btw, if you live anywhere near the boston area, there's a high-end shop that carries a lot of boulder and avalon, and tara labs. you could demo it all right there. (email me if you want the info). i've never heard either of the other two brands you mention. i've never heard any transparent either, but having had MIT in my system, and now switching, i'll never touch a network box again.

I can't speak to the NBS or Purist, but I drive my Eidelons with a combination of Boulder and Pass Gear (among others) using mostly Tara "The One" ICs and speaker cables. The results is outstanding. The few Cardas cables I tried didn't measure up for me.

P.S. You may want to experiment with some other transports given your use of the outstanding Boulder 1012. The 31.5 is a beautiful piece but is out performed musically by quite a few alternatives.

Good Luck.
here's another vote for tara, the one and the zero with eidolons and boulder (or "equivalent" gear from accuphase or jrdg). -cfb

Have you listened to tara labs "the zero"? If so what do you think? Btw, thanks for your response to my past thread about taras "the one".
avnut: i've only heard the zero ic's (with eidolons and a pair of accuphase a 50v's). the speaker cable "zeros" appear to be somewhat "over-the-top," purportedly measuring 8" in circumference. can't imagine how one would hook up a bi-wire pair! -cfb