Best cable for internal speaker wiring??

What is the best type of cable for wiring the inside of a speaker? solid core or multi-strand ?? Also is there any cable that works best for this???
Contact the speaker manufacturer prior to any modification you may be thinking of making to get their suggestions, you should find that a good starting point and you may be surpised at what they have to say on the subjetc. If you do decide to re-wire the internals of your speakers my suggestion is that you consider using the same type of cable throughout the signal "chain". Also consider the layout and "dressing" of the wiring and be careful if you are directly soldering wire onto the speaker terminals, too much heat and you may open circuit the driver coil winding! Hope this helps you? Regards, Richard.
Kimber Cable has D.I.Y. cable offerings: a full assortment is available for these projects. Ask for their brochures & price list, being sure to specificaly request the DIY page. Their tech suport is very good in that regard. However, be sure it's the sound of silver wire that you prefer, if you do go that route. I found that I like copper cabling better in my rig, although many 'philes do prefer silver. Audioquest I believe has similar bulk cable offerings. BTW: I do have a complete package of Kimber silver DIY speaker wires that I bought & have not used; if interested please request specifics via email.
I guess every situation is different. I have found circumstances where people say stranded wire is better for their speakers. Personally, I prefer thin gauge, solid core wire. I find solid core less irritating than stranded. Multiple runs of it to achieve the desired awg. I found Axon's 20 gauge high purity to be as good as I came across. The price is a mere fraction of what Kimber and AudioQuest charge. I used to buy it for a little over 5 cents/foot. I cannot imagine it being more than a quarter/foot even today. I would say it is a mirror of AudioQuest, and sonically better(to my ears) than Kimber. I originally twisted the wire, then went to braiding(didn't notice MUCH difference). I found 15 to 17 awg to work well for tweeters, 12 to 15 for midrange drivers, and 10 to 13 for mid-woofers/woofers. I would also steer you toward HomeGrown Audio for wire. They have both solid core silver and copper. Their wire is 99.999% pure, solid core, and teflon insulated. The copper is $0.39/foot(maybe available at a discount in quantity), the silver is $2.80/foot($1.80/ft for 50+ feet).