Best Auction Site for Jazz LPs

I have a few dozen still sealed Jazz LPs from 76 -85. These were backups, as I usually got 2 copies of something I really liked. These include Hank Mobley's Poppin (First Pressing), Miles Davis in Stockholm, pair of LP sets with Sonny Stitt and one with Coltrane. Sonny Crisss, Kenny Dorham 2LP set on ABC. etc Where is the best place to auction these? Audiogon, Yahoo, Ebay etc.
Bluesman, I am quite interested im your Lps, may we e mail? thanks Tim
Sad thing is, unless you have the REAL "Heavy Hitters", you may not sell them for what they're really worth, (if you use any of the on-line auction sites). Jazz vinyl prices are WAY down, which may be good for the buyer, but bad for the seller. I mistakenly sold a sealed "I Wish You Love" Keely Smith original on eBay for $10.00 without reserve. I've also bought some nice items at bargain prices. Maybe it all works out ...