Best amp to run Linn Keilidhs or solid?

i'm looking for some experienced advice with regards to the best amplification for my Keilidhs. I love these speakers and have had them running bi-amped off of an LK140 and LK85 in the past, which i was very impressed with. I don't want to go the aktiv route at this time, and wonder if anyone could suggest amps that will better the sound of the Linn pair. I should mention that my pre is a Kairn. I am considering tubes...and was thinking of starting with a pair or Rogue M-120's. Does anyone out there know if this would be a working match? For that matter i wonder if there is any point in pairing tube amps with a solid state pre?
thanks for any help.
I run tube amps with a solid state pre. I have nothing but good to say of the

A few years ago I auditioned Keilidhs with the Linn amps you mention, in
single, passive and active biamp rigs. My conclusion was that (preamp aside),
even when comparing single-amp with an active biamp configuration, the
quality of the power amp was the number one factor for musical sound.

The Rogues have an excellent reputation and I would expect them to give you
sound a few levels up from the Linns. I would be very interested in knowing
your impressions once you got your new setup.
They sound better aktiv than ANY other way. If you don't like them enough passive, buy some different speakers.
Thsalmon, Keilidhs sound as though they were meant to be run active, when you run them active. Now... suppose (like a lot of owners) you hear an active demo in the store (with LK85s or even LK140s) and start to dream. Then you hear them passive, with a single great amp. And now you start to wonder which would make more sense: start with twin Linn amps and upgrade to a pair of great amps when you can, or start with one great amp and upgrade to a second and the crossovers, one fine day...

You can find some LK series amps and Aktiv cards dirt cheap at as they have been discontinued. They sound just as great as they did a couple of years ago. Carpe Diem!
Thanks guys,

i'm enjoying them with a pair of LK linn amps for now. When i can find a pair of Rogue M-120's i'll give them a try. But i'll hang on to my Linnies just in case i find a set of aktiv cards. Have to try it all i guess.