Best amp to replace my Classe CA-100

Hi To All- I enjoy reading all the posts and now I really need help. My wife is allowing me to spend up to $2000 on my new amp to replace my Classe. I have B&W 802 s3 and a Theta Miles Balanced going direct. I'm very interested in what everyone comes up to compare it to my ideas.
Thanks Jim
used VTL st-150 under 2000

ARC VT 100 MK II is about $ 2500 used
I like the VT-100 idea.

Also a two channel Theta Dreadnaught would allow you to expand to five channels down the road.

I use to own a Classe Ca-101, then I went to a CA-301, then to a VT-100 MKI now I use a VT-100 MKIII.

Ahhhh Evolution at it's best! :^)
I have owned both Classe and ARC amps and both are good but there is no better amp in the $4,000 and under range than the VTL 150.
Easy, easy, easy....Plinius SA100MKIII. Hands down the best in the "used" $2000 range, but i know there are a ton of choices to consider so check all of them out.
The other amps I was thinking about ;
Aragon 8008 BB
Classe CA 300
Krell KAV250a ??
Plinius SA-100
Mark Levinson 331

Any comments about these????
Thanks Jim
There is no "best". What do you prefer soncially and what are you willing to live with?

I've owned Classe CA-100/200/300 and found that in my system, the CA-200 was a big improvement over the CA-100 mostly due to its ability to drive my speakers effortlessly (compared to the CA-100). The CA-300 was great too but for my speakers it didn't make any difference over the CA-200. If you like the Classe sound, stick with it. They're great amps for the price.

I also own the CJ Premier 11a tube amp and the ARC VT100MKII. The CJ is sweeter but the ARC has better bass slam. The CJ is easy to tube roll and adjust. The ARC requires you to remove several dozen screws. And if you want to tube roll AND bias them properly, you'll need a schematic diagram, the ability to read and interpret the diagram, and you'll need a couple digital multimeters. The ARC also generates a lot of heat and its BIG. I kept my CJ and sold the ARC.

You haven't mentioned what you're looking for sonically. There are many choices and there is no "best".
Boy, Abecollins nailed it. I guess there is no "best", please forgive me. I have owned probably over 50 different models of amplifier and the one that is now in my reference system is a unit comprised of a Plinius SA100MKIII and Plinius SA250MKIII. Jim I think, if it were me, in my humble opinion, I know there are other but........the Plinius has everything an audiophile could ask for in this price range. GOOD LUCK!!!
Kgb540, Plinius is one brand that I am considering along with Pass Labs and Sim Audio. I like my current setup but I'm thinking about trying a high quality solid-state amp with great dynamics and bass punch without sounding too solid-state if you know what I mean. I want all the benefits of a tube amp but I also want the bass punch. The ARC VT100mkII I had was outstanding in this regard but I like a slightly warmer sound and for me, the ARC was a bit too "neutral". I'm not saying I like a sappy sweet sound, just slightly warm and sweet from neutral. How would you describe the Plinius compared to some others you've tried?