Best $1500 150/side Integrated w/phono?

Any recommendations for a new SS integrated amp with 150 watts per side into 8 ohms and phono section for around $1500?
I Think you would be much better off buying something used here on audiogon. I just bought a musical fidelity a5 here for just a smidgin more. You could easily pick up an mf 308 for 1500bucks. Oh yea the phono stages on thes amps kick ass and the build quality is insane compared to what you could buy new at this price! (nad blah!) The used market. (thats why were here) Just buy from a reputable seller.
I'd say be wary of the more recent NADs - I keep getting my c740 repaired and I've had some friends with more recent NADs have similar problems. Maybe I've just had bad luck though. Though my brother-in-law has one that's probably like 25 years old and it still works great. And I did buy mine used for not that much money, so I may be being too harsh in my expectations.
I would not rule out the NAD 372- or go for the NAD 162/272 preamp/amp set up- the 372 retails for $999 and the 162/272 goes for about what you have budgeted. Check it out. Both setups are 150wpc.
If you are not opposed to a used unit. You could wait for a Plinius 8200MKii to pop up here. I just grabbed one and am very happy with it's performance and the 175w is enough power for me. However I have not used the phono section yet so cannot comment on it's performance.