Best $1.5k - $2.0k receiver / amp, looking at the NAD C388


Looking at getting a receiver / amp for some Ohm Walsh (3000 or 4000 series) speakers that have 40 - 350 watt rating ranges, 88 db sensitivity and for which reviews state more amp wattage makes for better performance.  My wife streams music and we will be running a 4k TV and Xbox through them along with Direct TV and TV streaming apps.  Have a smaller storage space for the receiver / amp so don't want something that will run really hot.  Debating getting speaker versions with and also without a sub - haven't yet decided.  At most would have 2 main speakers and 1 or 2 subs.  Not considering a full home theater at this time.

Looking at the NAD C388.  What else should I consider?  Should I get separates or an integrated system?  Please provide your wisdom and hardware recommendations that you think would meet my needs.  Thanks.