Bergmann Sindre

Just upgraded from Bergmann Magne to Sindre TT. What dampers should I put under the three spikes ? Are there any recommendations? Thanks.
I am wondering if you could replace the spikes with Stillpoint mini's or Ultra's.
Must take a look at that when TT arrivés. Thanks.
Some other ideas would be a Symposium Ultra shelf, HRS platform or SRA platform. The Vibraplane which is an air suspension device would be another choice but I like the set it and forget it kind of platforms.
Good luck with your choice.
You must use a fixed base, don't use vibrapod and etc, because sindre have its own anti vibration device with air bearing, so the base must be fix.

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Davt, yes you can replace the spikes with StillPoints Ultra SS or Fives. Since under the platter is not flush with the rest of the bottom, you will need to raise the StillPoint under it or make sure the Stillpoints foot on the back left is outside that area. I used a StillPoint component base with the Ultras mounted in sliders on the four legs.

I tried the spikes briefly but the StillPoints Ultra SSs on the Component stand were clearly better. I even got Johnny to join me in the StillPoints room to hear the Ultras.

The first Ultra SSs were replaced with Ultra Fives, which were clearly better.

Luiz_felipe, the Bergmann airbearing are not anti-vibration devices but rather no friction devices that are quite rigid. I had a friend that used the Vibraplane on a Sindre. I never heard it but he said it worked great.
Thanks for the replies! I received the Sindre, which is a real piece of art. I have a Magne for sale, if someone would be interested...