Benchmark AHB2 power amp impressions?

Does anyone have any opinions/info to share about the new Benchmark AHB2 power amp? Do the company's assertions about drastically reducing noise and distortion ring true? Thanks to all.  
I Have owned a pair of AHB2 as monoblocks for a year, and they replaced a pair of Marantz MA9S2 with no regrets. Yes they are quiet and clear, more so than the Marantz.

It does not sound Sterile to me , but the partnering electronics have to match. In my system the Hegel P30 preamp sounds a little too aggressive on the AHB2, but the Cambridge 851E gives it a happy marriage. 

I have better amps but for the price, size, performance and convenience , the AHB2 is a great buy. I plan to keep them for a long time . 
Benchmark make great products - many of them "giant killers" for a good price. To be honest I don't care for the Marantz sound at all but I know many like the smoother more laid back or "natural" presentation they are known for.
If THD and S/N were all the buzz, we would never have things like tube amps, SETs, etc. where even 3% THD is not far from the norm, as well as s/n < 100dB.
It is no wonder that many audiophiles from the real world (you can find those only on various audio forums such as this one) assess this amp as "too clinical", "no emotion", etc. This is in sharp contrast to assessments of so called professional reviewers. Ask yourself why.
I'll start by asserting the following: neither Revel Ultima Salon 2 nor AHB2 that were used in most professional reviews are exceptional. Yes, you will find many praises for the two. But the MAJORITY of the real world audiophiles have already spoken. Nowadays, many people who bought Salon 2s regret their decision. MANY of them try to sell their speakers in very good condition on agon for less than half of the $22k msrp price, e.g. $10k, but are unable to. The word spread. The speakers were not worth $22k to begin with.
What about AHB2?
I'll answer by asking what about it's frequency range? What about slew rate? Rise time? It is widely known that as far as human ear is concerned both frequency range and slew rate are much more important than THD and other parameters (they are important, but not to the extent these other ones are). Ideally, the frequency range of an amplifier should be in the range 3MHz or more, but definitely more than 1MHz. Thus it is much better to design an amplifier with lower s/n and/or THD, and correspondingly higher frequency range and slew rate / rise time than vice versa. Only then you will get the so called "organic" sound, yet detailed and "you are there", "non fatigue" etc.

You seem to be an expert. Could you please provide some data on the slew rate etc. of the Benchmark amp?

AHB2 Slew rate is 16V/uS and rise time at 3.5mS and a bandwidth of 200kHz.

I can't understand why you think a 3 Mega Hz bandwidth is required in an audio amplifier. 

You seem to prefer higher distorting euphonic designs and there is nothing wrong with your taste.

However, some audiophiles are impressed and interested in the market leasing high fidelity that the AHB2 amp offers. Especially the performance at low levels like 1 watt where this amplifier excels just as amazingly as it does bridged at 300+ watts.