Bel Canto Phono1 auditioned?

Has anybody bought or compared the Bel Canto standalone phono stage with anything between the $600 (BlackCube) and $2000 units (Sonic Frontiers et al)? Bel Canto has some very clever engineering approaches across their various products that usually make them sound great for the price, and am wondering if they had any tricks up their sleeves in the design of this. I've not seen any reviews, comments, comparisons or even used sales of their phono stage, recently reduced from about $1400 to $1100 MSRP. Most importantly, how does it sound vs the stiff competition out there?? (I use a good-sounding MM) Thanks for your inputs.
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Not just the Black Cube, but maybe against the Acoustech (reg or newer Gold Ed.), Blue Circle BC23, and Camelot, or the Batt pack Musical Surroundings Phenomina..... a whole lot of options in this price range. I would love to hear from anyone with a Bel Canto Pre1 with the Phono1 option or anyone else who has checked out the Phono1 and how it compares. Similar take(or a house sound of sorts) on things as the DAC2?