Bel Canto 200.4 or Classe 201 with Aerial 8B's ?

I am looking for a new amp for my aerial 8b's, there are no dealers in my area, I was thinking of the bel canto 200.4 and bridging it into 2 channels, or the classe 201, any opinions or alternatives would be apreiciated.
I own a Classe ca200, and have experiance with 8b's. You need a Classe 301or 401 with those speakers to get them to open up. Aerials love power.
I own the 8's and have added a Classe CA-150 to the one I started with and have not looked back. The definition and the deep bass extension is wonderful. The mono mode on each was done on the recommendation of my dealer and others in the world of audio expertise. The cables are important so do not overlook them.