Behringer - All The Way

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I've finally got it connected to a system. I immidiately run a Room Correction test with microphone placed where my chair is.
About 2 minutes of some strange sound signals sent by Behringer to the speakers...And it is all done - graphic EQ sets itself to fix any accustic problems associated with phisical room and everything in it.
Sound became so much more detailed and clearer. As I understand for many people it would be enough. But I steped a little further and increased the level of Bass using parametric EQ. Now EQ delivers so much of it that I will get rid of just few day ago purchased Martin Logan Subwoofer (about 1000 dollars are back to the family budget!). I have to learn a lot how to use all its features. But just using Room Correction and Parametric EQ alone made a big difference. I was sceptic about sampling an analog signal (which in my system originated by turntable) to digital and back to analog... But it looks like the sound quality is not really affected. I can't hear any degradation in quality.
Behringer gear is great for the money. Downright cheap when compared to Tact, but probably not as good.

Another interesting way to use the Behringer, which at least one speaker company advises, is to run everything digital to a certain multichannel digital receiver for biamping. You can get a nice pro A/D converter for the turntable, something like an apogee mini-me.
Sputniks, what model number is that? thanks.
Sputniks...Now say after me..."Digital is good, Digital is good..Digital is good".

But, I'm not sure that you ought to dump the SW. Equalization may give you better LF from your main speakers, but the woofer cones are probably pumping away like mad. Outsource that SW job to another driver, and your midrange sound will improve.

I have not begun to explore many of the features of the DEQ2496. I use the graphic auto equalization, SPL, and the RTA.
One final thought...It will be hard, but let's avoid the DQ Design mistake!
DK design that is.