BBC speakers and Class D amps ?

I am hoping to get my Graham Audio LS 5/9 next month if everything goes to plan.
This will be my first step into BBC class of speakers, must say I am really looking forward to it. The last two way I had, was a pair of very nice sounding Qln Signature that I was using for a few years in the 90s.
I sometimes get to hear them still, as they now belong to my brother.

One thing I don't see discussed so often are what amplifiers people are using with their BBC speakers, as I am led to understand, the 5/9 don't need a powerful amp but between 50 and 150 watts and a healthy current should do fine.
I have two integrated amps that I can use, both over 100 watts, both solid state, except the more powerful one has two tubes in the pre section.
I will of course try both with the Grahams.

One thing I am curious about is Class D amps, especially the new Primare i35 Prism, as I use mostly Roon now for playback trough my MacBook Pro, although I still have my Meridian 588 CD player.

A system with an all in one integrated amp and the Grahams somehow appeal too me.

Has anyone here used or is using Class D with BBC Speakers, if so, how do you find the sound ?

Especially timbre and note decay ?